The Civil War and Reconstruction

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Reconstruction The main issue between the states that seceded from the Union and those that remained in the former unity was that of state's rights, of which the right for citizens to own slaves was of primary concern. It is often argued that one or the other was the main reason for the conflict, but they both played a major part because the people of the Northern United States and the Southern states of the nation lived such different lives. It is true that people in the North had owned slaves until very recently in the nineteenth century, but that time had passed and Northern states had rescinded the rights of humans to own other humans (especially in the chattel sense because people still had servants who were essentially slaves though they were paid a miniscule wage), as if it ever was a right. The Civil War commenced, and it was found that cause and the better ability to kill (Northern soldiers died at a rate two times that of Southern soldiers), was superseded by industry and ingenuity. Since the states in the South had been devastated by the War, it was deemed that the victorious but beneficent North would attempt to reconstruct the South into a more compliant neighbor. Thus, carpet-baggers were sent South to establish some order, and laws were enacted by the US Congress to ensure the rights of all people in the region. This paper discusses the reconstruction of the South while paying specific attention to the political, social and economic realities that came to

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