The Civil War in Nicaragua

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The Civil War in Nicaragua was one of the defining events from the 1980s, and it also happened to be a defining event in my personal life and that of my family. The argument in question was over the nature of the revolution in Nicaragua, and the political motivations of the Sandinistas. I said that the situation in my home country is not as black-and-white as it has been presented in the media. I believe the situation that gave rise to this argument is rooted in a lack of accurate media coverage. Because I am from a Nicaraguan background, but also have one American parent, I can present a unique perspective that illuminates both sides of the argument to show that neither the Sandinistas nor the Americans had the best interests of Nicaragua at heart.
During this argument, my friend said that the Sandinistas were doing the right thing and had the best interests of the country at heart. I will admit that the Sandinistas did at least have a greater stake in the land and community, and in the preservation of Nicaraguan culture. However, it would be horribly wrong to assume, as Chomsky (American Philosopher) does, that Nicaraguans universally loved the communist Sandinista movement. During the course of our argument, it was suggested that Chomsky and other analysts have shown the Sandinistas to be representative of a liberating force that championed the rights of the poor. This may be true in theory, as this was in fact the prevailing ideology of the revolutionaries. As we all
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