The Civilization Of Columbus : Columbus And Christopher Columbus

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Howard Zinns question "Was all this bloodshed and deceit – from Columbus to Cortés, Pizarro, the Puritans – a necessity for the human race to progress from savagery to civilization?" (Howard Zinn) I strongly feel that Howard Zinn was questioning Columbus and (Weiser) (Weiser) was asking himself if what he did was right. Columbus caused a lot of bloodshed and because of this, it has caused racial judgment. Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who found the new world. A lot of people see Columbus as a hero but people do not see what he has caused to the Indians. Former President Reagan once said “Yes, Columbus Day is an American holiday, a day to celebrate not only an intrepid searcher but the dreams and opportunities that brought…show more content…
With the colonization, their lives were in danger. Once the explorers arrived, they needed to figure out how they would survive because there supplies were soon going to run out. Also, crossing the Atlantic Ocean was dangerous because they needed to make sure they did not get lost, let alone survive the rough weather. Although they were taking a big risk. The major problem that was at stake was religion because it was causing fights and class division. The experiences if the English in the 17th century new world were very unstable because the Indians contracted many illnesses. Also, colonies were tortured by religious and economic tensions with the Indians. The colonist in Virginia suffered because they thought they would be rich. Many people died from diseases such as malaria and starvation because Jamestown was made on a peninsula which means that it was dirty, lot of parasites and they weren’t able to farm. The lifestyles of the American Indians, the Chesapeake colonist and the New England settlers were alike because they all had to use land and know it to their benefit, for example plant crops, many died in the first few months. At the same time, they had major dissimilarities. For example, Jamestown was established for economic purposes and New England was established by pilgrims due to religious
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