The Civilizations Of Ancient Civilization

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Civilization, derived from the latin word “civis” meaning “citizen”, or simply someone who lives in a city. However, what is the difference between a group of people who live in a town and our modern concept of civilization. To find the answer to that question we can turn to the civilizations of ancient times. The beginning of civilization as we know it began in the Neolithic era. This era began with a very distinct change to the way of life, from the old way of migrating constantly to wherever the food roams to settling down in one area and growing food to sustain oneself. Yet, the first civilizations were more than just people who stayed in the same place, grew their own food, and relied on water and shelter. They had something that made them standout from the people around them. Each ancient civilization had different values and cultures that led to the diverse institutions founded by these ancient civilizations. The first ancient civilization of the Neolithic era is that of Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia comes from the greek words “meso”, in between, and “potami” meaning river. This refers to the location of the region of Mesopotamia which lies between the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers. The first urban society of Mesopotamia is Sumer. One value of Sumer and of Mesopotamia is the love of religion and the beliefs in their gods. Religion plays a huge role in the values of the Sumerians as each large settlement has a temple where a priestly class acts as managers. Worship held a
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