The Clash Of Cultures : Educating Rita

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To what extent does Russell use comedy to explore the clash of cultures in Educating Rita?

Willy Russell uses comedy to explore the clash of cultures in his play Educating Rita to a certain extent. The two main characters in the play, Rita and Frank are an example of juxtaposition, they come from two different classes; therefore they come from different backgrounds and different cultures, Franks is of middle class, while Rita is working. This causes great significance in the play, even though it’s called Educating Rita; both characters in the play discover things from each other which wouldn’t occur if they were from the same class. The class classification is also used many a times in a comedic way which is why the play‘s portrayed as a comedy. In this essay I will be closely examining why I believe Willy Russell uses comedy, to some extent to explore the clash of cultures in the play.
Miscommunication is used as one of the main aspects of comedy in the play by Russell to render the difference in the two characters of Frank and Rita’s cultures. It is essentially used at the beginning of the play; this is when the difference of the two class cultures was most evident. When Frank meets Rita for the first time, this is when miscommunication is used in a comical way to show the clash of cultures. Frank says ‘You are?’ in which Rita responds ‘What am I?’ this opening is a classic demonstration of miscommunication used in the play. Rita’s and Franks different classes are shown
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