The Clash Of The Titans Debate

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Clash of the Titans Debate
Sociology 2270A
William Finch
Replacing My Participation Mark

On a snowy, winter day in London, students and staff gather at Alumni Hall to experience a debate between two of the forefathers of sociology, Karl Marx and Max Weber. The views and methodologies differ which will result in a passionate, heated debate. Conrad Black is the Moderator.

BLACK: Welcome all, to the first ever, great debate between Karl Marx and Max Weber!

Crowd cheers…

Black: The first question to you fine fellows is “What is the source of the average person’s social and political values under capitalism?” Karl, your first.

Marx: Thanks Conrad. Well, the way you begin is by building from the ground up. Materialism is the basis of society. First, you look at the base of the superstructure in that society, which are the forces and means of production. Every person contributes to society by the means of production in which they become stuck within this system. The real foundation of our society arises due to the legal and political structure, which ultimately results in social consciousness. The person’s values under materialism contribute to capitalism, meaning individuals are independent of their own will and are just seen as forces of production. We buy, sell and spend money in a vicious cycle that is raising the economic existence. From an ideological point of view, our consciousness is ultimately drawn from our material conditions. The ideas we gather from our
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