The Class Sequence Could Be Improved

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The class sequence could be improved. Some of the classes seemed, either out of sequence or the information provided would have been better understood if presented first in another class. I believe Ofc. Marlin tried to sequence these better but had difficulty with coordinating the schedules of the instructors. When possible, give the training a higher priority and schedule early enough to minimize last-minute changes. This would benefit the training, the students, and Ofc. Marlin. Toward the end of the academy, it seemed Ofc. Marlin was struggling to complete all class requirements before graduation. The Personal Safety and Defense, as with some of the other topics, was apportioned throughout the training. This was good and allowed for…show more content…
I am greatly appreciative of both sections this practical training. It was good to have the General Order, Special Order, and other regulatory organization presented early. The general concept of state laws, arrests, and violations was early but it would have been helpful to have had the legal class around the same time. When presented, the legal class was very "lawyerly"; meaning somewhat dry and rote. A little more discussion might have been helpful. Public Speaking was a good class. It adequately presented the necessary information and allowed us an opportunity to practice in class. Detective Shirley and Office Yates did a good team job in the presentation. Interpersonal Communication was also a good class. Ofc. Jones did a good job on the presentation. I 'm not sure why he presented this information twice. Verbal Judo was a very important class and Detective Richardson presented it well. This information was also adequately covered in the test/evaluations. As in Personal Safety and Defense, several sessions covered report writing. This is good because it allowed for some of the lessons to sink in before adding more information. Sgt Patrick presented the topic very well. The computer skills training were very minimal. I suggest a significant bit of more time be included to cover some of the other programs we will encounter. • KYOPS and collision investigation and reporting was generally
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