The Classic Inferno By Dante Alighieri

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The classic Inferno by Dante Alighieri is beautifully woven to reflect the realities or unrealities of the time. The various circles of hell are used by the writer to tell the tale in a free-flowing manner (Havely, 98). Interesting, however, is the manner in which he describes the characters such that they are seen to be facing tragedies in their life in hell. The writer categorizes the different types of sins that people can commit and subjects the characters to various punishments, each of which is in a separate circle in hell. Lawall opines that the writer uses a style that makes the reader envision themselves in the poem (Lawall, 17). In so doing, the writer subjects the characters to relatively tragic states even though they…show more content…
The story narrates that Francesca and Paolo are both punished in hell for their adultery and thus the subjection to the circle of lust (Alighieri, 1012). She expounds that she had been married to Paolo’s brother Gianciotto. Francesca discloses that she was not shy of expressing her feelings towards Paolo, who she loved even though she was married to his brother. One day, she reveals, her husband caught them together inside her bedroom and was sure that they were lovers. Francesca opened the door and pretended that all was well before her husband. Unknown to Francesca, Paolo had got stuck in a ladder as he attempted to run away. Gianciotto then killed the two of them, although he had not intended to kill his wife. The circumstance that led to her death is an emphasis of the beauty of love. When Gianciotto jumped to slay Paolo with his sword, Francesca rushed in between and faced the death first. The husband was too disappointed and ended up killing Paolo as well. The portrayal of the two characters as lovebirds and the lack of love between Francesca and her husband show the reality that was then (Alighieri, 1013). The writer further says, through Francesca, that Gianciotto was thrown into the circle of Caina for killing his family members. This assertion, in character is a balanced move to portray both parties (Francesca and Gianciotto) as losers in the fight. However, the fact that
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