The Classic Inferno By Dante Alighieri

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The classic Inferno by Dante Alighieri is beautifully woven to reflect the realities or unrealities of the time. The various circles of hell are used by the writer to tell the tale in a free-flowing manner (Havely, 98). Interesting, however, is the manner in which he describes the characters such that they are seen to be facing tragedies in their life in hell. The writer categorizes the different types of sins that people can commit and subjects the characters to various punishments, each of which is in a separate circle in hell. Lawall opines that the writer uses a style that makes the reader envision themselves in the poem (Lawall, 17). In so doing, the writer subjects the characters to relatively tragic states even though they appear to possess incredible beauty in character, personality and intellect. The journey through hell is as a result of Dante getting lost in a dark wood that he was traveling through. As he tries to escape three beasts, he comes across the ghost of Virgil who guides him through the circles of hell in his desire to reach heaven. The writer is sure to prepare a gift in heaven which turns out to be Beatrice, Dante’s lover (Alighieri, 1011). In fact, the writer asserts that it is Beatrice who sent Virgil on a mission to save Dante and guide him to her. Each of the circles of hell houses a different and unique category of sinners with different punishments bestowed upon them. For instance, the first circle of hell houses the pagans…
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