The Classic Is All Over The World

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The word classic is well known all over the world. There are classic books, games, movies, and even cars. The real question is though, what makes something a classic? Is it the way it is made, the time it was developed, or something else entirely? A classic is something that the reader, driver, or watcher finds it to be one of, if not the best of it kind. Something that speaks to them and gives them chills. A classic is usually considered to be a work of art and has recognizable and established value. One person can think of something as a classic and another person not think so. One film that should be considered to be a classic is Unbroken. Not only is Unbroken a film, but also a nonfiction novel. For a novel to be considered to…show more content…
After that their own problems don’t seem so bad after all. Unbroken makes people look back on their lives and rethink all of the tragedies they have been through and realize they could have been worse. Louie’s plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean where he survives an incredible 47 days adrift in a raft. Just when there is hope of being rescued he is capture by the Japanese navy and sent to a POW camp. Louie was better off adrift in the middle of the ocean. Everyone can relate to this because is a person’s everyday life, challenges are through at them and just when there is light at the end of the tunnel, it becomes dark again. The message that everyone should receive from Unbroken is to never give up even when it seems bleak. A classic must have all of these things. It needs to touch the hearts of everyone who reads or watches it. This film is one of the hardest to watch because of all the things Louie must endure that shouldn’t be possible, but he remains unbroken and stays strong to the very end. It is inspiring and a work of art. So many people find this film and the book to be almost unbelievable. The novel received the number one nonfiction book of the year. The film has been nominated for many awards and has won some. It won Best Action/Adventure Film award, it won movie of the year through AFI awards, and more. For a film like this to be a classic it must be liked and recognized by many people. To
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