The Classic ‘Lighting’ of the Era of the Film Noir

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It seemed fitting to choose a bold font to write this assignment up in, as it correlates with the classic ‘lighting’ of the era of Film Noir. Sunset Boulevard: The film begins with police and reporters surrounding a dead body in a pool. This initial opening scene of a dead body in a pool creates an investigative mood for the audience essentially. Throughout the film, Wilder constantly uses a low-key lighting to emphasize the style (characteristic) of Film Noir. Norma’s house has clearly been thought through thoroughly as each room, especially living room, involves an immensely cluster of arrogant paintings. The rooms are congested and dimly lit, constantly keeping the mood of Film Noir. The relationship between the lighting and setting of house (clutter) emphasizes that Norma is suffocating her own life (ironic as she is suicidal). There is a presence of German Expressionism that Wilder uses in the geometric set-up of the house, the lines that are used share a similar relationship with the lines used at the time and era of the German expressionism. Norma is the femme fatal of this film, and is always shown in dark colors. Norma desires herself as a queen in her head and reality with the usage of her wealth, this passion is emphasized. Max, the butler & ex-husband will protect the queen. When Joe and Norma are dancing on New Years Eve, Norma’s veil irritates Joe. Norma tosses it aside but Max is quickly to retrieve it from the floor (Veil = Crown). Another thing that I
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