The Classic ' Remember The Titans ' By Boaz Yakin

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Boaz Yakin’s timeless classic ‘Remember The Titans,’ is a story that encompasses and explores many empathetic topics such as friendship, sport, racism, teenagehood, rivalry and leadership. The film is based on a true story about a ruthless high school American football team named ‘The Titans.’ It was set in the American Confederate state, Virginia during 1971… A year which spawned the ruling out of the colour based school segregation system in Virginia and a year which spawned the beginning of a new era of racism, hate and separation for its inhabitants. The movie follows the football team and how they inspired the town to shred its colour barrier and come together on their journey to their winning of the state championship. This would not…show more content…
An example of when he donned his coaching cape was towards the beginning of the movie when he said to Coach Yoast, “I came here to coach the G.W. I didn’t ask the schools to re-district and I didn’t ask to be assigned to your staff, so I guess we’re both in a situation we don’t want to be in. But I can guarantee you this coach. I come to win.” This is a great display of his passion for football, winning and his coach-like aura that he emanates so well with his words. Another role he takes on is a teacher. He becomes a teacher, off the football pitch when he decided to help Louie Lastic boost his marks, so that he would be eligible to go to college at the end of the year. He helped Louie outside of training and tutored him so that he could pass. This is not necessary for a coach to do, since it is more than what he is required to do and yet he did it anyway. This demonstrates that he cared about individual team members as well as the whole team and that falls well in hand next to his coaching methods. Coach Boone’s coaching method was intense and authoritarian like. There are many ways of coaching a sporting team or sportsman, but Coach Boone’s motto was undeniably, ‘This is the line. Say goodbye to it now because we aren’t just crossing the line. We going far away from it.’ He pushed his players to both their physical and mental breaking point that even his assistant coach questioned his ways. There was a point in the movie that showed this pretty well and
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