The Classic ' Remember The Titans ' By Boaz Yakin

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Boaz Yakin’s timeless classic ‘Remember The Titans,’ is a story that encompasses and explores many empathetic topics such as friendship, sport, racism, teenagehood, rivalry and leadership. The film is based on a true story about a ruthless high school American football team named ‘The Titans.’ It was set in the American Confederate state, Virginia during 1971… A year which spawned the ruling out of the colour based school segregation system in Virginia and a year which spawned the beginning of a new era of racism, hate and separation for its inhabitants. The movie follows the football team and how they inspired the town to shred its colour barrier and come together on their journey to their winning of the state championship. This would not have been achieved without one of the main protagonists - Herman Boone. Also known as ‘Coach’ throughout the film. We study his role, coaching styles, professionalism and skills displayed in Remember The Titans.

In the movie we witness Coach Boone take on many roles and burden himself with the responsibilities that they entail. Obviously one of the most obvious roles he addresses is being a football coach, which he did quite well considering his team won the state championship, undefeated too might I mention. He was tough on his team, demanded perfection and unlike many other coaches, purely focused on winning. He trained them hard, he educated them and he aided them in playing their best football. That is what a good coach is and that…
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