The Classical Age Of Ancient Greece

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The Social Structure
How is society divided?
The Athens Classical age of Ancient Greece is divided into 4 classes. The upper or the Athens, were considered the highest possible class to be in they had the most power. People who were in this class where well educated, civilized people that had a lot of money. The people born into the upper class had more rights and privileges than those of the other classes. The upper class was only in charge of major tasks related with the city, the minor tasks were for those people under the upper class people.
The middle class, named the Metics were people who were immigrants to Athens. They don 't possess much power like the upper class but they were still considered a higher class than the lower class and the slaves. For the main reason that they weren’t born in Athens, Metics weren’t allowed to marry a citizen or apply for a citizenship. They had less rights, they weren’t allowed to own land. Metics went to Athens in order to seek a job. Most Metics worked merchants, artists, craftsmen and in the trading business.
The lower class, also named freedmen were once slaves but became freed by their owner. Since they weren’t born in Athens, they too weren’t granted citizenship. Freedmen had few rights, much less than the middle and the upper class but more than slaves. Slaves, lower than the lower class because the Greeks never considered to give the slaves a class. No rights were given to the slaves. Most of the slaves were non-Greeks so…
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