The Classical Era Of Music

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Music throughout the eras have differed and changed since the beginning of time. Each era has something special about it that is different from the last era, which makes each era something unique from the last. Just as in fashion you see trends change sometimes over night, but in the eyes of a decade, these changes are eras of fashion, just as the eras of music. Composers took the knowledge from previous composers and put their own ideas to use and sometimes created ground breaking movements. The movement between the Baroque era and the Classical era was a movement of almost all changes. Changes from the melody to the form of the composition. The Classical era following the Baroque era was full of changes, differing from one another drastically.
The Baroque period began around the 1600’s until around the 1750’s. The Baroque era of music was one of the most revolutionary periods in music history. This era saw the development of functional tonality, brought new instrumental playing techniques and more elaborate and complex compositions. Baroque music was complex, tonal, and had clear common patterns of chords. This era also featured many well-known composers, such as Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi. This era also brought about developments in musical terms and concepts which are still used in today’s music.
With the Classical era following the Baroque era from 1750-1825, the Classical era was much of a contrast to its preceding periods of musical history. Pieces composed in this
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