The Classical Greek Art Period

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Stone steali were used as gravestones in Greek cemeteries. An image of the deceased person was craved onto the stele. This particular stele was constructed circa 450-440 BCE. It is thirty-one and a half inches tall and was found on the island of Paros. It was created out of marble. This stele is from the High Classical Greek art period. In contrast to the Archaic period, where there was a lot of attention given to warriors or athletes, the High Classical period features a lot of women and children in their works of art. The High Classical Period of Greek art could be classified as a period of artist attempting to create and “ideal being”. A lot of artist creations during this time period were carefully constructing their creations to be picture-perfect. Mathematical formulas were created in order to depict flawlessness. This is a gravestone for a young child and the different aspects of this work of art attempt to be a remembrance of an idealized portrayal of this child and not a realistic rendering of this child.

The drapery of the child’s peplos clings to the body of the girl. Many other works of art during this time have similar types of dressings for the people. The drapery of the clothing allows for a good description of her body without overtly revealing her body. The peplos clings to her body and bunches up behind her. This stele shows a very young girl, but her body doesn’t show the body that is to be expected of a girl her age. Her chest and bottom are curvy and…
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