The Classical Music Of The Modern Era

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Leonin, Gabrieli, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang A Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky, are all famous classical composers from the six different eras of music. The music scene has always been male dominated from the composers to the performers. There were a few female composers however, for those times, but the few that there were, were shunned for their attempt at fame and those who were vaguely popular were claimed to have only achieved success from the fame of their husband. These issues of gender discrimination against women are still apparent in all aspects of music today. Society is slowly becoming more modern in their thinking, and with the feminist movement of the modern era, are beginning to accept females as equals, however the field of classical music is desperately holding onto their old traditions. It’s very apparent that in many of the major orchestras around the world, there are an abundance of more males performing and soloing, while none of the major five orchestras in the United States have ever had a female conductor. It’s not that there aren’t females well qualified for these positions in orchestras; however the opportunities are being closed off to them because the face that there are women and men do not want them to hold these positions. Although temporary solutions have been set in place for the gender discrimination issue within classical music, society should be changing their perspective on women to be solving the problem. Although…

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