The Classical Nature of the Sui Dynasty

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Classical WHAT IS CLASSICAL? There are multiple meanings of classical, originally the term “classical” is a way to describe the literature, culture and art of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Though this is the original definition of the word “classical” it is well argued that many different civilizations and arts, literature, and culture can be described as classical. EXAMPLE An example would be classic music as this would be referencing European music around the 18th to 19th century. JUSTIFYING CLASSICAL Another definition of “classical” is the most developed stage of art from a civilization such as Chinese classic poetry or classical music. Having these two quite contradicting definitions, to justify, something that is “classical” gives a great impact as well as long impact on today’s society whether the impact was either positive or negative. THE SUI DYNASTY An example of this new justified definition would be the Sui Dynasty and how it has impacted China so much to which they had introduced a new religion that now takes up 20% to 50% of China’s population. Brief History During the 6th century, the hardworking micromanager Yang Jian had ascended the Sui dynasty. This dynasty preceded the Southern and Northern Dynasties and was quite a productive time in terms of artistic production. For over a century, China has unified after the north-south division and tried to unify the people of China by using the Equal-field system. This technique allowed the

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