The Classical Period Of The Baroque Era

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The Classical time period, which spanned a length of seventy years, from 1750 to 1820, was very different in nature from its predecessor, the Baroque time period. The Baroque era featured works that were ornamentally elaborate, where the artists and composers centered their works on a big, bold style that was dramatic in its composition. Artists and composers transferred strong feelings of tension and emotion into their works and it was common for there to be some type of action or movement happening within the work. Those who lived in the Classical time period, valued simplicity and wanted to return to the ideals of the Greeks. Therefore, the Classical time period is characterized by clear structural clarity, simplicity, smoothness, and symmetry. However, though the works took a step back from the grand movement of the Baroque era, the composers and artists of the Classical time period did lay out a tuneful and elegant style in their music and art. Out of the Classical era came many renowned artists and composers, two of those whom are artist Sir Thomas Lawrence and composer Ludwig van Beethoven (“NYU”).
In the year of 1769, Thomas Lawrence was born to his parents in Bristol, England. Though he was born in Bristol, Lawrence grew up in Devizes and later on, in Bath and Oxford, where his self-education as an artist was furthered. In Devizes, Lawrence spent his childhood at his father’s inn, where he began his career as an artist. In these early years of his life, he taught
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