The Classical Theories Of Organizations And Management

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To what extent do you agree with criticisms by Marxist Labour Process and McDonaldization theorists (discuss either or both) of orthodox theories of organizations and management? (Word count: 2097)
Organisations and management have seen considerable level of changes in the past few decades, mainly in terms of theories, concepts, and so on. Although there have been many classical theories in the business environment, some of which are still in practice, a new wave of theories have emerged following industrialisation and modernisation of organisations and processes. The classical theories of management, and other traditional models were criticised or extended by modern theorists from a different point of view. Although it is difficult to reach in a concrete judgment from a single point of view, as to which theories are better for managing business, especially since, each management models may have different implications and impacts on different business types, this essay attempts to understand these differences by critically examining the criticisms raised by the McDonaldization theorists and the Labour Process theorists against the orthodox models of organisations and management in the light of available literature and examples.
In order to understand the concept further, a brief note on each theories are necessary. The term was first coined by George Ritzer to refer to the rationalisation of work, life, and such. The concept argues that breaking down each task to the
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