The Classification Of Municipal Government

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From this Chapter, I understand the classification of municipal government from small to big at different scale and also what do the local governments do. The main role is the democratic and service provision. when studying the relationship between these two aspects, some questions are also proposed: is that only when you have property, can you really participate in the vote or democracy? Does the local government responsible to the province about the finances? Or should it responsible to its people? Political part should not be taken away from the responsibility of a local government otherwise it will be no difference with a private supplier.

Through reading the history of the local government, it is found that the municipal governments were mainly established in response to the population growth and service demand. Property tax is one of the approaches to increase the income of the government, but had been opposed by the people since the beginning. The Ontario model sets up in 1849 had been referenced for other provinces to establish their local governments. Reforms were also taken during the 20th century to eliminate corruption and to improve efficiency. It seems that the problems we are facing today are the same with what we were facing 100 years. Maybe it is an inherent problem of the government and politics.

Comparing with today’s municipalities, the foundations of Canada’s municipal system were very different 200 years ago. Due to the changes of the structure of…
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