The Classification Society: A Major Step in Establishing the Shipping and Ship Making Industry

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It also is among the initial forms of travel from one continent to another. Shipping existed before the civilization era (Mansell, 2009). The model of the vessels used to travel via water means has also evolved from simple logs and canoes to the modern day luxurious travel liners. It is for this reason that it is significant we acknowledge and appraise the journey through which these developments have been achieved.
The major step that boosted the process of establishing the shipping and ship making industry is the introduction of classification societies. Organizations have been established to determine and subscribe technical standards into the process of designing, constructing and surveying of marine associated facilities such as the docks and ships.
The classification societies were established first in London in early 18th century with the role of carrying conducting independent inspections on the equipment of ships to be insured (Mansell, 2009). The role of the societies was to make follow up on the ships and file reports and certificates to inform the parties involved on the classification of the ship. Classification society provides assistance and statutory services to the industry on the basis of maritime knowledge and technology.
The society assessed the risks associated with the vessel, and set the premiums for…
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