The Classroom As A Culture Of Peace

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The Classroom as a Culture of Peace In a first-grade classroom the teacher has heard about how important it is to include multicultural activities. She begins doing so by spending a few days on different countries. When studying the countries the teacher teaches the students things such as the country’s flag, language, food, clothing, and music. Holidays are also included in the few days of study about the country. At a first glance, one could easily say the teacher has incorporated multicultural studies into her classroom. However, upon closer inspection of what it truly means to incorporate multicultural studies, it could be determined that the teacher was taking a superficial approach, known as a ‘tourist approach’ to teaching the students about different countries and cultures. Once this has been brought to the third-grade teacher’s attention, she quickly researches better ways to teach students about countries and cultures and changes her curriculum accordingly. She finds that she was right in starting multicultural education at a young age for the children (Berthelsen & Karuppiah, 2011, p. 38). She also found it is better to connect it to the students and their families, to connect it to the students’ lives, to include hands-on activities, and to explore similarities among the different groups of people. Many multiculturalism lesson plans are available that do not use the ‘tourist approach’. In addition to these lesson plans which can be found on the
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