The Classroom Culture Of Respect

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I endeavor to establish and maintain rapport with my students, and among my students, with the goal of creating an environment of respect in my classroom. This classroom culture of respect is essential to an effective learning environment. One of the ways I build this rapport is to issue a short survey the first week of class. An example of a survey is the attached artifact 4b_Student_Survey. In a survey, I ask the students to tell me something about themselves – what name they prefer, what they want to do in the future, their hobbies, interests, favorite color, etc. I then peruse the completed surveys and create name tents for my students. I incorporate pictures or symbols on the individual name tents to reflect some of the personal information the students have revealed. The attached artifact, 4b_Name_Tents, shows a sample of some of the name tents I produced for my students, as well as my own name tent. I read the class roster prior to the first class for the sake of learning my students ' names in advance, and then I use the name tents to help me put the names with the faces. I use the pictures on the name tents to aid my establishment of a personal connection to each student. For example, the name tents in artifact 4b_Name_Tents clearly show that Rod is interested in all sports and wants to be a coach, while Julysa likes to play volleyball and aspires to be a teacher. Knowing these facts gives me the insight into each student that allows me to make personal
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