The Clause And The Collective Agreement

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However, eventually both parties are bound to disagree regarding a clause or the collective agreement as a whole, as some clauses can be written in vague language, and interpreting the agreement into a certain situation is not applicable in the full sense, which can also be due to uniqueness of the situation or act. These situation can be difficult to resolve simply between the two parties, and eventually the need for an unbiased and impartial body to decide to how to interpret the rights and clauses to the given situation, and prompt what can be as a fair yet a correct applicability of the clause, it is usually thought in order to get such ruling, the cases are directed toward the courts of law or governmental tribunals. Many organizations and unions will try and avoid to plea their cases to any government affiliated institution and opt out for an arbitrator. Arbitration is a technique used by most unions and organization, it is an option which provide a better benefits in regards to resolve disputes which may include factors such as the duration to which a court or tribunal may reach a verdict may over extend a reasonable time, as courts provide a system to which a judgment can be appealed, which may act as a burden on both unions and organization financially due to the proceeding of the petition, arbitration is a lot quicker regarding rendering a decision, as most of the decision evoked are binding and an appeal process is not available, in addition, some of the
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