The Cleveland Browns And The Detroit Lions

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As my relatives arrived, I began to feel more alone. The conversation ran the usual course. The men talked about the Cleveland Browns or the Detroit Lions. The woman talked about their children or past marriages. I kept on the move between the two groups. My biggest fear was that I would start taking about the war or say something about the woodland spirits that my Aunt Claudia believed existed. I wanted to talk about her, but I knew very little about her life. She believed that it was her destiny to build a family industry. She believed if her people followed her, the industry would become a dynasty. My Aunt Colleen believed that I should complete her task; then, my Aunt Claudia could rest in peace. Both women felt I should quit my job. I should leave my city home and move into this house in the woodland area. They believed I needed only a bed, a desk, and a lamp. My salvation was to work in my uncle’s workshop. Once I’d built enough fishing boats, their visions would come true. Then, my partner, a soul twin would arrive, and we’d fish like in the old days. Then, one of the city girls would marry me. I had to trust their visions like the apostles trusted Jesus when he saved them form the storm in the Sea of Galilee. To bring visions out into the open would end my family dinner before anyone had eaten. To bring visions into the open would convince everyone that I was crazy. I was crazy, but not because of any beliefs. I was crazy because of the war, and I had to leave

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