The Cleveland Elementary School Shooting

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Something as horrifying as someone shooting down innocent children playing at recesses on school grounds was never expected here in the United States of America. Although there was past cases of school shootings, this was the first shooting to be televised on national television of its magnitude (Taining, P et al., 2014). A mass murderer is defined as someone who slaughters many people at one time. This particular incident unfortunately was not the slaughter of people, but it was children. It happened around 11:40 AM on January 17th, 1989 in Stockton, California. A man by the name of Patrick Edward Purdy opened fire on children ages six through nine playing at recess on school grounds of Cleveland Elementary School. This tragic case brought questions to people everywhere in our nation as to why it was so easy for a mentally unstable individual such as Patrick Purdy to enter a gun store and purchase a semiautomatic weapon (“Slaughter in a," 2001). Patrick Edward Purdy was born November 10, 1964 in Fort Lewis Washington. His parents divorced at age two. He is described as an adolescent as quiet but unable to cope with anything. He had a troubled relationship with his mother and was made to leave his mother’s home after an altercation between the two resulting in him hitting her. He…
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