The Client For My Behavior Change Project Essay

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Introduction The client for my behavior change project is my husband, Michael. I chose him for my case study because he gained 23 pounds in the last three years. I met Michael four years ago on, we got married a year later and had two babies back to back. Needless to say, it was a quite stressful experience. When I met Michael, he was 195 lbs., very athletic, going to the gym every other day, Paleo diet advocate, and practiced mindful eating. So, when the life spun out of control, that’s when he started packing on the pounds. He works as a manager in big corporate office which involves long meetings, phone calls, sitting in front of the computer and some driving. He usually skips breakfast at home, for lunch, he goes out with his colleagues to the local restaurants. Michael is a foodie, he loves eating food from different cultures, but Latin food is his favorite. South Florida is popular for its Latin cuisine with Cuban, Peruvian, Colombian, Argentinian or Mexican restaurants practically on every corner. He loves chorizo, blood sausage, empanadas, chicharrones, flank steak with chimichurri, and lechon. I usually do grocery shopping myself, but when Michael ends up in the grocery store, he always comes back with Cheetos, potato chips, and ice-cream. He is a big fan of football, so every Sunday during the season, his day is spent on the couch in front of the TV, drinking beer and eating junk food. During the basketball season, he watches Heat. My daughter is turning

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