The Client That I Had

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The client that I had in 3East was Marjorie. Marjorie was a great patient who was indeed a feisty lady. She lives in Des Moines and lives alone at home. Before admission to 3East, Marjorie was taken to the ER by recommendation of a home health physician due to high levels of glucose. In the ER, Marjorie began to get agitated as noted in the ER course notes. While being in the ER, they found that she had a UTI. The principle problem for admission to 3East was for Delirium; the Delirium would have been due to the UTI found in the ER. Marjorie has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, transient cerebral ischemia, hyperlipidemia, coronary atherosclerosis, dementia without behavioral disturbance, and type II diabetes mellitus. Prior to admission she was diagnosed with acute cystitis without hematuria and delirium. The current health status is that she has hyperglycemia; serum glucose levels have been high during her stay at the hospital. At her admission her glucose was at 242 but has continued to lower. At the start of my clinical day I went to go meet up with my nurse, who was Angie. After meeting up with her I headed to Marjorie’s room to go take her vital signs. I took her temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respirations, and pulse oxygen. I also asked if she was in any pain. I ambulated Marjorie to her chair and to her walker, where then I took her on a walk in the hallway which he did very well with. I checked on her intake on the breakfast she received during clinical.
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