The Clifton Industries Case Study Essay

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The current situation of our company Table 1 the comparison between North American and European market | market | Competition | volume | margins | lead times | price | North American | Huge | significantly more competitive | Huge | | shorter | More price-sensitive | European | | | smaller | satisfactory | | Pressure on price | The characteristics of its marketing 1 two major market areas: The first was to supply products of a type similar to our current electromechanical designs to North American aircraft manufacturers. The second was to design and manufacture electronic products for Europe and North America. 2 time was pressing. the lead time between contracts being signed and initial deliveries got increasingly…show more content…
The North American market is very price-sensitive, and some components, like OE and spares which are in the mature period of their life circle, the traditional cost system seems to be a method for them in this company. Thus, in the situation that price is almost the most important order-winning criterion. Traditional cost system is judged in that it is suitable to manufacture the required product at minimum cost and efficiency. However, as a new member with a new product, electronic product in North American market, the reputation is also an important attribute. Especially, quick delivery time is a key attribute for this company, due to the demand of quick delivery in all markets. Moreover, the manufacturing process of the new product, electronic product, on which our company will definitely focus, has a lot demands. Such as, technology, innovation and quick delivery time even the ability to make the product be the first one appearing in the market (other company, which is developing the same product, may become our competitive opponents). Especially, technology is predicted to play the most important role in the manufacturing process. On the other hand, the traditional cost system has a lot of limitations. Traditional costing system focuses on the cost reduction and the efficiency, particular the products with relatively few standardized components; Clifton, however, produces a wide range of airplane components. In addition, nonfinancial aspects of
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