The Climate Casino By William Nordhaus

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“The Climate Casino” book by William Nordhaus talks about the dangers of climate change, and the affects it has on our world. Nordhaus uses the comparison about dealing with these dangers of climate change by relating it to a climate casino. Understanding the future damages carbon dioxide does to our environment, that are increasing the negative externalities of global warming. Creates warmer temperatures, abnormal weather, and damaging our ecosystems. Particularly in chapter nineteen of the book Nordhaus emphasizes ways to effectively control the carbon emissions, and start pricing the emissions of carbon dioxide that people put into the air. Pricing people for their carbon emissions can have its complications, but it could also help people understand why they should be concerned about putting carbon dioxide into the air. Nordhaus provides data which shows the impacts on when there is a price on carbon emissions. Looking into it pricing carbon emissions could influence people to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide they are releasing, or increase effective ways to avoid releasing carbon dioxide into the air.
Nordhaus states “I pay for the electricity. But I do not pay for the damage done by the CO2 emissions because the price of CO2 emissions in the United States is zero” (222). This explains you can’t just start charging people for their carbon emissions that they’re putting into the air without having them understand why, and how in the long-run it is harmful to our

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