The Climate Change And Reduce The Greenhouse Gas Emission

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Some scientists and engineers figure out that a better way to fight against the climate change and reduce the greenhouse gas emission is supporting “nuclear energy” (“Climate Change”). Nuclear generation is also one of the energy that is able to supply the world’s electricity. Additionally, the nuclear generation currently avoids the emission “over two billion tons of carbon dioxide each year” (“Climate Change”). It is an economic development and greenhouse gas emission reductions. Currently, many countries are planning to use nuclear generation because it is helpful to meet their emission reduction. Many researchers find that the best way to get energy for daily use is by converting the “coal into electricity” (Cohen and Winkler 1). There is a lot of energy that stored in the coal, so people are capable to get electricity from it. Furthermore, coal generated electricity is really helpful for farming, industry, heating, transportation, etc. The cost of the coal fired electricity is pretty low because the environmental costs are not included in the price. When we are combusting the fossil fuel, the greenhouse gas emission “associated with the production of electricity using gas” will be releasing less than those “associated with electricity produced from coal” (Cohen and Winkler 1). According to the researchers, carbon dioxide is the “major greenhouse gas in terms of overall contribution” despite its lower “global warming potentially relative to methane” which will give…
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