The Climate Change Impact Statement

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The Climate Change Impact Statement (CCIS) should include the following: 1. Objectives of the CCIS: to provide a statement of the objectives of the CCIS. The structure of the CCIS should then be outlined and used to explain how the document will meet its objectives. 2. Executive summary: to convey the most important aspects and options relating to the project in a concise and readable form. The summary should be easy to reproduce and distribute on request to interested parties. 3. Project description: to describe the key elements of the project with illustrations or maps. Any major associated infrastructure requirements should also be included. 4. Project rationale: to describe the specific objectives and justification for the project, including its strategic, economic, environmental and social implications, technical feasibility and commercial drivers. The status of the project in a regional, state and national context should be discussed. Also, the project’s compatibility with relevant policy, planning and regulatory frameworks must be explained. 5. Relationship to other projects: to describe how the project relates to other relevant major projects which have an existing approval, or are currently undergoing consideration for approval. (there may be opportunities to co-locate existing or proposed infrastructure, enabling efficiency gains and mitigating environmental and climate impacts. Where co-location may be likely, opportunities to coordinate or enhance
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