The Climate Change Of The Global Energy Budget

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Everyone and everything on this earth needs energy to survive, so we find more and more ways of extracting energy from whatever resources that are available. Of course most of the resources we use today are taken from the earth or its atmosphere. Most of the adverse effects that are happening in the global energy budget are not because of how much we are taking from the earth, but because of how well we are using those resources.
Over the past few years, with the help of new technology, we can track the climate changes and were able to link them to some of the natural disasters that has happened. In a nutshell; we are cooking up our earth. Not only us, but the beings that do not use coal for generating electricity or gasoline for transportation are also becoming the victims of the climate change. Oceans act as one of the major sinks to store the anthropogenic carbon dioxide that’s left out in the atmosphere. Despite covering only 15% of global ocean area, North-Atlantic stores around 23% of the global CO2 that is absorbed into oceans. Also, the more CO2 oceans absorb, the more are the chances that carbon reacts with oceanic water and as a result carbonic acid levels increase making the oceans relatively more acidic than they are now. Scientists across the world have conducted numerous studies on the global oceanic CO2 levels and the common understanding from those studies is that most of the marine groups will have a negative impact on their survival. What’s worse is that
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