The Climate Disaster Is Inevitable Or Not?

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The climate disaster is the social construction that world population have been embedded this idea through one generation to another generation in society. Actually, it seems like the long-lasting issue for not only regional level but also global level. Several studies might have demonstrated the causes and significant impacts of climate crisis. It is still popular argument in society, whether the climate disaster is currently inevitable or not. If it already occurred, what are the main factors? Who should be responsible? In other words, everything is still a conundrum. Therefore, this paper will examine the current background of climate disaster in our planet and the possible actions to cope with this issue. The roots of climate disaster unexpectedly came from human civilization. The human civilization over the long previous years has been created in order to overcome natural limits. Humankinds could also develop advanced technologies serving to any part of the mainstream society. We always think that we are an intelligent life form among other organisms. This idea is kind of “anthropocentric” as humans are the central life form that dominates our planet with the higher perspective and does whatever to satisfy self-expectancy and well-being. They are also careless for the surrounding environment and other species. To deeply emphasize on climate crisis from human modernization, the consumption becomes the major factor of human’s activities. Especially, we mostly consume
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