The Climate Of Doing Business

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The climate of doing business is constantly in flux. There are new opportunities in the global economy; however there are risks that are associated. The interdependence between governments, regulations, and companies play an important role in leadership; unexpected events like terrorism and natural disasters can send political and economic shocks in the energy market. This interdependence can often times make good business sense as parties can use their experience and technologies towards projects’ efficiencies, but because there differential expertise at work, there tends be disconnect between the parties mitigating risks and those effected by risks (Industry Report Energy, 2011). These relationships and indicators play a pivotal role in politics and prices. The performance of the global economy centers on the energy sector, and long term energy security are key to global risk. Global risks have a huge impact on the energy sector and the broader economy (ExxonMobil, 2013). Traditional risk management have placed more focus on operational, financial, and hazard risks; however there are other risks that can be more targeting depending on the company’s business model (Hoffman & Orr, n.d.). When a company defines the scope of projects, there are risks associated with the industry and the project. Upstream projects are becoming more profitable and more profound in size and complexity. Many companies do not possess the experience to tackle complex projects, so they adapt
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