The Climax Of The Story Of Raymond And Meursault

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The climax of the story happens when Raymond and Meursault are walking on the beach and come across two Arab men, one being the brother of the mistress Raymond was having the issue with. A fight quickly breaks out in which Raymond gets injured and they all leave the beach. Later the afternoon they again go down to the beach where they find the Arabs laying on the beach. Raymond proceeds to pull out a gun and points it at the Arab men in which Meursault tries to convince him not to do it, and Raymond ends up handing over the gun. Raymond later goes back to the beach house but Meursault decides to stay. Moments go by and Meursault yet again runs into the Arab man. He then pulls out the gun and points it at the Arab man and fires the gun, pauses and decides to fire again, killing the Arab man. It is almost as though the death of the Arab was Raymond’s fault. He was the one that lured Meursault into the drama, which leads Meursault to his downfall. Overall the relationship between Raymond and Meursault is strange. Raymond uses Meursault and ultimately leads him to his rock-bottom, where on the other hand Meursault is indifferent to Raymond and it is just another person he has an interaction with in life. The last relationship to look at is that of the Arab and Meursault. There is not much that goes on between them, except for the fact that Meursault kills him in the end. But why does Meursault decide to kill an innocent man? It is unclear except for the fact that before he

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