The Climax in the Beach Scene in Jaws Essay example

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The Climax in the Beach Scene in Jaws

The spectacular film “Jaws” was filmed in 1975 and directed by Steven Spielberg at the age of 27. The film was based on a book titled ‘A Stillness In The Water’ by Peter Benchely. The scene being analysed reflects the main plot in the book. It is set on a beach and involves a young boy, who is later attacked by a shark.

The essay will analyse how the use of cinematic techniques such as lighting, colour, sound, camera shots, camera edits/movements and mise en scene help to prepare the audience for the climax in this particular scene.

Lighting and colour are used effectively in preparing the audience for the climax. This is evident at the start of the
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The first sound that the audience observe is the dog running and jumping into the sea. Its barking and the owner’s commands are heard continually. The dog is therefore revealed to the audience as holding some importance in the scene. The sounds of joyful laughter, light-hearted speech and the radio playing soothing music in the background is sustained throughout the scene to demonstrate safety and an illusion of enjoyment. The audience contemplate on the boy asking his mother permission to swim for a little while more. At this point his mother is unwilling for the boy to return, but then sees no harm in allowing him another 10 minutes. This piece of dialogue implies an awareness of threat targeted at the boy.

Whilst the troubled, agitated lifeguard is looking out to sea, a man approaches him and proceeds to speak. His voice is muted to a low volume, illustrating that the lifeguard is not attentive and is effortlessly being distracted. This particular part of the scene informs the audience of his strange behaviour, in comparison to the lively atmosphere on the beach.

Following this, a girl screams whilst frolicking around with her boyfriend in the water. The lifeguard is mislead by this and jumps up, alarmed and startled. The audience instantly feel that
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