The Clinical Problem Presented Was An Increase In Surgical

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The clinical problem presented was an increase in surgical site infections, following gastrointestinal surgeries. Even with the implementation of surgical bundles, the rate of surgical site infections still increased five-percent. Surgical site infections are an epidemic in hospitals, leading to patient harm after corrective surgery. Surgical site infections are avoidable and expensive for the health care facility. The issue of surgical site infections is nationwide and has resulted in law suits against health care facilities. Mortality, extended hospital care, and morbidity, associated with surgical site infections, has led to increased health care costs. In “A Colorectal ‘Care Bundle’ to Reduce Surgical Site Infections in Colorectal…show more content…
The time of the desired results would be after the patient’s surgery and around ninety days (based off of the 5% increased rate over a ninety-day span in the case study). The purpose of the research study conducted in “A Colorectal ‘Care Bundle’ to Reduce Surgical Site Infections in Colorectal Surgeries: A Single-Center Experience” was to identify whether the surgical bundles implemented were effective in reducing surgical site infections post-surgery. The case study’s objective was to determine an effective intervention, which was evidence-based, to implement into practice to reduce surgical site infections following surgery. According The Joint Commission, The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal seven is to reduce the risk of health care-associated infections (The Joint Commission, 2017), which correlates directly with the efforts of both the article and the case study in reducing surgical site infections. The purpose of the research study, the case study, and the Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals (goal 7) is to reduce the amount of health-care infections (specifically surgical site infections). The patients of the case study had an average-mean age of 45. Age was not specified in the article. The patients of both the article and case study underwent gastrointestinal surgery. The setting of the case study was a medical surgical unit in a Philadelphia hospital, while the setting of the article was
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