The Clinical Situation And Plan Nursing Interventions

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The case scenario will look at the journey of Mr Larry Lyons, has been admitted to the University Hospital for a scheduled cholecystectomy. The intended procedure will be performed by a laparoscopy however there is a chance that a laparotomy may be required. The patient has no previous known medical condition. It will discuss and analysis the nursing interventions, therapeutic communication and person-centred approach to perioperative care.

Surgery is a unique experience and no two people respond the same to similar operations. No matter how minor or major the surgery it can still be a stress to the patient who can be left feeling anxious and fearful. Dempsey (2014), states perioperative care as the beginning phase of a client’s decision to have surgery and ending with the transfer to the operating theatre. I was able to analyse the clinical situation and plan nursing interventions outlined in FILA table Appendix A.

Dempsey, (2014) states that a nurse must assess the physical and psychosocial needs of the person and family and establishing a plan of care based on identified issues and interventions that meet the person’s care needs and facilitates recovery through the perioperative period. The desired outcomes for Mr Lyons include being educated about the procedure, to understand the preoperative procedure and sensation, postoperative care and sensations for example sore throat, cool temperature. Demonstrate post-op exercises and breathing techniques and provide…

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