The Clitty Monster

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Rather than focus on toys meant for insertion, the foundations of the Clitty Monster comes from external pleasure through vibration. This toy emphasizes controlled arousal at the most sensitive places of the female body, and these places for stimulation are the nipples, clitoris, and back of the neck. The target population for the Clitty Monster is for females who are searching for a wearable and portable toy for masturbation. There are few vibrators on the market that allow for multiple vibrators stimulating different parts at the same time. The creation of this toy came from taking advantage of the most sensitive areas of the female body and attempting to stimulate them in different ways. According to Time Magazine and volume 11, issue 7, of…show more content…
In order for one to wear the Clitty Monster, one must stick the lightweight cable box just under the chest and above the stomach. Each cable then attaches to each of the erogenous zones. Unlike other vibrators and sex toys, the Clitty Monster is an all-encompassing experience. In order to test this device, I must attempt to get a random sample of females. They will be taken to a customized lab environment where they will be separated into groups. Group A will use the Clitty Monster while Group B will use a generic vibrator and each group will use the toys for as long as they want. Following the sessions, a survey will be given to both groups rating the experience with the toy from 1 star to 5 stars. The amount of time in the lab will also be noted. The Clitty Monster is not without drawbacks. Unlike vibrators one might use by hand, the Clitty Monster cannot go beyond making stationary vibrations where they are placed.. Comfortability can also be an issue; having multiple cords going to and from multiple directions may cause discomfort for the user. Ultimately, the Clitty Monster is a toy that attempts to drown the user in pleasure. It is built with the idea of flooding vibrations in most of the female’s
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