The Clock Building, Not Time Telling, By James C. Collins And Jerry I

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This paper will explore the concept of “Clock Building, Not Time Telling,” as presented by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras in their book, Built To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies. The goal is to identify the underlying reason and rational behind architects of visionary companies and how they left their mark for generations to come through something larger than a single act or product. Through compelling facts and research about companies, a change in thought has occurred. For the enterprises and start-ups of tomorrow, leaders must strive to be clock builders. By becoming these grand architects, the leader’s greatest creation, “the company itself and what it stands for,” (Collins and Porras 23) must stand above and beyond anything else. This is the crucial claim discovered by Collins and Porras by investigating key factors. Through exploring two entrenched business myths, they revealed that visionary companies were built upon something greater and grander than originally thought. They began to evaluate various companies’ roots and leadership, finding astonishing correlations that change the landscape and mindset of company development. Simply being able to tell the time will not cut it in the business world; one must build a clock from the ground up to truly succeed.
To develop an understanding of “Clock Building, Not Time Telling,” we will first explore the two myths of the business world that are engrained in the minds of individuals thought to achieve
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