The Cloning Of The Human Body

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In my paper i 'm going to be talking about the importance of cloning, the basics of cloning, and some other interesting facts about cloning not just humans but some animals like Dolly the sheep.I think Cloning is going to help because it helps with cures, it gives us a new way to reproduce, and it finds ways to make the human body better. "In 1997 Scottish scientists created the first cloned mammal, a sheep named Dolly. The cloning of a mammal stimulated debate because technology used to clone a sheep might also be used to clone a human. For the first time, the question of whether human beings should be cloned was seriously discussed (Pg.1 Farrell Courtney).” Does this make any of you people wonder what cloning means and how some things…show more content…
However, waiting until researchers have perfected these methods would morally fail the millions of sick and injured human beings who currently stand to benefit from therapeutic cloning (Pg.1 Beverly Ballaro).” do you think humans need this cloning? Cloning is going to help with the issues of the human body like diseases and disorders. Cloning is also going to help people understand more about the human body, maybe there 's some type of function of the body that scientist don 't know about yet and cloning can be the key to this. Scientists have been getting closer and closer to reproducing stem cells and in the process they won 't have to deconstruct the human embryo. The bad side is that the people who are sick are waiting around for cloning. Without cloning now these sick and injured people are going to become even more and more sick and injured as time goes by. As this time goes by these people could even start dieing like. What i 'm basically saying is that people need cloning in there life, not all but some and if they don 't have it it 's not going to get any better for them. You 're basically making them suffer something that might be able to be fix. There are many different types of cloning like Therapeutic cloning. "Therapeutic cloning fulfills a critical medical and moral obligation to potentially alleviate human suffering. Cloning can generate
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