The Cloning of Humans

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Cloning humans with identical genetic makeup to act as organ donors for each other is a diminishment of human dignity. Therefore, cloning of humans is immoral.
Human cloning is a practice which includes taking an egg from a human female, removing the nucleus, substituting it with the genetic material from the nucleus of another adult cell, and using "electric shock" or "chemical bath" to hoax the egg into thinking it has been fertilized. The egg then starts to divide, becoming a human embryo. This process marks a step toward turning the creation of human life into something that can be seen as a kind of manufacturing process where human beings are created in laboratories on demand, and to certain specifications.

According to the University of Utah Health Sciences cloning animals through somatic cell nuclear transfer is just ineffective. The success rate ranges from 0.1 percent to 3 percent, which means that for every 1000 attempts, only one to 30 clones are made. This is a major diminishment of human dignity if to clone a human could take a 1000 tries. This will make humans worth nothing if we clone so much and kill so many clones. There are many reasons for these bad results like the enucleated egg and the transferred nucleus may not be well-suited, the planting of the embryo into the surrogate mother could fail, or the pregnancy itself could fail. The extremely high rate of death and the risk of…

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