The Closing Gender Gap -- Then and Now Essay

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War is inevitable because of opposing views and conflicting opinions. During these hard times, women, although rarely recognized, played a big part in the success of our country. They made their mark during World War Two when they took over the jobs of men and proved they are just as efficient in the workplace. There has been a dramatic change since then. Women have found their identity through these hardships; which in return, has set the pace for the years to come and narrowed the gap of the social norm of women in the work place. In present day, upon the completion of high school, most middle class females plan on heading to college. College, which usually consists of: bunking with a high school friend, moving a short distance from…show more content…
Little did they know their great granddaughters had such different dreams after completion of highschool. Women have since grown into themselves and part of it was because they had to, they had that push from something commonly known as war. War, a word that often describes the aftermath of a disagreement tends to often become a topic of conversation amongst Americans today. Since the founding of our fathers we have faced ample amounts of conflict. Justice amongst these circumstances is not easy to reach, sacrifices had been made and will continue to until the conclusion is met. While their loved ones are away, the families of the fighting soldiers face daily obstacles. These sacrifices often become overlooked and taken for granted. Women have always played an important role in the success of family life and the well being of our country under these circumstances; through the years, these tasks have ranged from work on the assembly lines to performing seamstress duties for a soldier’s uniform. Without this unwarranted support, we’d be at a loss during these disheartening times. During the Revolutionary War women made their mark; especially, Betsy Ross who created the American Flag, this creation was said to be one of the greatest achievements of the Revolutionary era. Women of this time played an important role in the rebuttal of Great Britain’s high taxes; they made their own clothes and were very willing to alter their patterns of consumption to

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