The Clothing And Fashion Industry

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Consumers in the Fashion Industry The topic I chose to write about was the clothing and fashion industry. Clothing is something that everyone in modern society needs, and something that a few consumers care very much about. The number one thing clothing is used for, besides covering and protecting our bodies, is to express our personalities, socioeconomic status, and how we feel on a given day. Because the the demographic for people who buy clothes is so large, it has a lot of variation. People buy clothes of many different qualities and prices, or they make their own. The reference work I have cited is The Berg Fashion Library. This is a very in-depth and detailed website about history, current events and trends in what people wear around the world. Although, I don 't think this encyclopedia has any information on consumers themselves. The encyclopedia gives you resources and access to articles on any clothing item, in any part of the the world, in any time period. Berg Fashion Library does not give much analysis on the clothing items or history, it just presents you resources that can give you more detailed information. The only objective of this reference work is to give data about fashion history. The encyclopedia is very relevant and has articles about the the most cutting-edge trends. These articles do a very good job giving a brief evaluation of the topics, while not conveying any opinions about the fashion industry. The web site I am evaluating is
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