The Clothing Company's Main Goal

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Introduction Ten Tree is a North American clothing company that was founded by two entrepreneurs Dave Luba and Kalen Emsley (Gamble et al. 2). The clothing company 's main goal is to be, first most, an environmental company that plants trees, with its main goal being 10 trees planted for every product sold (Gamble et al. 6). By being an environmentally friendly clothing company, they plan to change the clothing industry with their unique product offering, environmental aid through reforestation, manufacturing through green energy and products, and the social environment from their business model (TenTree, “Commitment”). Recently, they have faced the issue of having their product selling at a higher rate than they had expected. This has caused a high demand for the product, but also frustration from retailers and customers from their inability to produce enough of their product to match the demand. Their current onshore manufacturer cannot meet the amount nor the customization possibilities that are expected. This has led Ten Tree to look offshore to possibly expand their product offerings and produce enough to meet demands. Analysis Escan Swot Analysis As fairly new clothing company - Ten Tree just started near the middle of 2011 (Gamble et al. 1) - having key strengths internally set them apart from other clothing businesses. One of the many things that Ten Tree is great at doing is marketing. Ten tree solely relies on social media to advertise both its brand and its

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