The Cloud Based Electronic Health Record

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The Cloud Year after year, installing, upgrading, patching, backing up and, in general troubleshooting server issues was a taxing responsibility that burdened the day to day operations of a practice. Finally, a cloud based electronic health record (EHR) system removes the obligation from playing IT tech and lets one focus on managing practice operations and patient care. More and more, EHR vendors are developing cloud based systems due to the client demand for a product that is reliable, versatile, practical and convenient to all users, including physicians, staff, patients and third party companies. Introducing a practical workflow that streamlines the day to day processes to include record documentation, prescription, diagnostic and laboratory ordering, scheduling, insurance verification, billing and collection tasks, improve effectiveness and efficiency of the practice. As more importance is focused on patient care, as opposed to focusing on purchasing and maintaining hardware and software, a cloud based EHR system relieves some of the financial costs and time consuming duties associated with managing an on-site server. Providing bi-directional integration with laboratories and third party companies with an option to publish results to the patient portal plays a crucial role in enhancing patient doctor relationship while empowering patients to manage their health. Therefore, a cloud based EHR system adds considerable value to the medical practice. Cloud based EHR systems
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