The Cloud Computing Strategy Of Xyz Manufacturing

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Cloud Computing Strategy Overview XYZ Manufacturing has been struggling for years with inadequate computer resources to track inventory and handle user requests from internal management, orders, and invoices from General Motors, orders and invoices from suppliers, and management reports. There has been major issues storing and retrieving complex data and has recently seen some security breaches. There has been need for a search for an alternative way to handle and provide solutions for current problems. Migrating to cloud computing, performance issues, scalability and economic factors are issues that will be covered to have a great transition to the cloud. Service Models for Cloud Computing To better understand cloud computing there…show more content…
The services might include an operating system, a programming language execution environment, databases and web servers (Tsagklis, 2013). Infrastructure as a Service is the most basic cloud-service model, which provides the user with virtual infrastructure, for example servers and data storage space (Tsagklis, 2013). Virtualization plays a major role in this mode, by allowing IaaS-cloud providers to supply resources on-demand extracting them from their large pools installed in data centers (Tsagklis, 2013). The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing In my own opinion, cloud computing offers more pros than cons to most companies planning to migrate their services to the cloud. Some pros would be cost efficiency, continuous availability, recovery options, energy efficiency, scalability, quick deployment, increased storage capacity, and device diversity (Tsagklis, 2013). Cost efficiency of using cloud computing for businesses allows the client take advantage of saving from things like licensing fees, cost of data storage, and other overhead charges (Tsagklis, 2013). Paul Croteau, an enterprise solution engineer at Rackspace (cloud computing company), says, “Cloud computing can create a significant return on investment, affording energy, licensing and administrative costs, and it frees up capital and personnel to innovate on new ideas quickly” (Olavsrud, 2013). Continuous availability is another great advantage when utilizing cloud computing
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