The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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Abstract In 2008, the economist published a little supplement that went out with their magazine, that started to introduce with a concept of something called cloud computing. They put this quote up as part of that “The rise of the cloud will transform the Information Technology (IT) industry, but it will also profoundly change the way people work and companies operate” (The Economist, Oct 2008). Now 8 years later, the above quote is still relevant when we talk about cloud computing and what a cloud can do. The reason why it is important to still use this quote is that this is presence but we don’t yet appreciate quite how disruptive or transformative cloud computing is going to be for companies, individuals and for society. If we consider…show more content…
It’s really brought the barrier to computing down dramatically. In the beginning a lot of talks were about what is the cloud? What does it do? What does it mean to us? Etc. But now the talks started to change and people are really thinking about how they can leverage the cloud, how they can use cloud as delivery model which is more efficient, how can they get services out faster, how can they use cloud with social media, with mobile, with data analytics. This period we are in a flexion point where we have really started using the cloud for advantage. When people want to talk about cloud computing the first thing they want to talk about is how they can save money in their IT environment and the reason is that they want to use the funds to drive innovation into delivering new applications and services instead of servicing the existing infrastructure. This is an opportunity to change the story of IT from tremendous cost. Instead of spending sixty, seventy or eighty percentage on maintaining the existing systems, organizations can flip the economic equation. A good example of how cloud allows businesses to grow is the telecommunication industry. The telecommunication industry have tremendous capacity, they have tremendous adjacency to clients and the cloud offers them the ability to bring new services to their clients more quickly, more efficiently and

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