The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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We’ve all heard about this new phenomenon called cloud computing, but what exactly is cloud computing? Is it computation by a magic cloud instead of computers or humans? No, cloud computing is a popular term coined by the technology industry as storing, accessing, and computing data and programs over the internet instead of locally by your computer. Essentially, this so called cloud represents the Internet, and like real life clouds, it can’t be physically touched; rather, we know that it exists, it’s purpose, and it is quantifiable, but we can’t hold it in hands. Like weather clouds, cloud computing can be very powerful and a game changer that affect everyone. We will be discussing the impact of cloud computing, advantages and disadvantages, and the strategies of its utilization. Cloud computing is a game changer for all consumers and businesses because it can enable entities to easily have access or share information virtually anywhere in the world, or to be productive and/or competitive without investing in expertise or large capital. The cloud has made it possible for an entity to utilize expertise at a fraction of the cost of the traditional way of doing things. Cloud base services such as email enable us to communicate quicker and cheaper than traditional mail. It also enables us to run a business (web-based for example) with minimum investment in infrastructure. Everyone is on the internet now, so a physical store front is no longer mandatory, and a simple…

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