The Cloud Of Cloud Computing

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We’ve all heard about this new phenomenon called cloud computing, but what exactly is cloud computing? Is it computation by a magic cloud instead of computers or humans? No, cloud computing is a popular term coined by the technology industry as storing, accessing, and computing data and programs over the internet instead of locally by your computer. Essentially, this so called cloud represents the Internet, and like real life clouds, it can’t be physically touched; rather, we know that it exists, it’s purpose, and it is quantifiable, but we can’t hold it in hands. Like weather clouds, cloud computing can be very powerful and a game changer that affect everyone. We will be discussing the impact of cloud computing, advantages and…show more content…
Because the cloud service providers have economies of scales by providing services to many clients, the cost that is realized from using these service providers can’t be beaten in terms of expertise and costs. Now, smaller entities can concentrate on their core competences instead of worrying about the infrastructures surrounding it. The impact of cloud computing can be realized with the mitigation of having to acquire and maintain knowledge about the support of core business competencies such as computer maintenance, data warehousing, customer interfaces, etc., which leads to less capital investment. For example, no longer will an entity need to have in-depth knowledge of server maintenance or hiring of competent employees to support the business since the entity can use a cloud service provider. The cost would be cheaper due to the cloud service provider’s economies of scales, in addition to providing security, availability, and innovation. Cloud computing has taken many of the traditional supporting costs and either made it easier to maintain or cost less. In the next section, we will be discussing the ways in which cloud computing features can impact entities. In the old days, running a business was tough because entities have to know about their business
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