The Cloud Of Cloud Computing Essay

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Project Background Cloud computing have revolutionized life as we know it; it allows people to store, manage, and access their data by using a network of remote servers which are hosted on the internet rather than using a local server or own hardware. A recent study conducted by KPMG found that 81% of businesses were either evaluating cloud services, planned a cloud implementation or had already implemented a cloud strategy [1]. Organizations tend to use the cloud to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Cloud is not a commodity, some people think that it comes out of the sky, while in fact it comes from physical hardware inside brick and mortar facilities which are connected to hundreds of miles by networking cables. We can conclude from cloud computing that it is a significant technology which can be utilized nowadays and in the coming future to make everything easy. The project is to provide a web service using cloud computing, there are many web services, but all the web services need a platform to run on it which in this case is the virtual machine on cloud server. This will help users to access their data from any device or machine instead of using hard drives. My target in this project is to prove that cloud can be used for different kind of applications and purposes. An example of cloud web services is enabling the user to create a virtual machine on the cloud server of the web service provider. A virtual machine can be created and customized by the web service user

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